The museum as a place of encounter and learning

The museum offers a diverse programme for schools. Children and young people experience the history of Austria from a new perspective together with cultural mediators. 


For example, they explore why the 996 document was written and by whom. They can decrypt a letter puzzle, and a few oddities have to be clarified regarding Emperor Otto III. The young guests can also assume the role of Emperor, make a crown or seal their own Ostarrichi Document. Related worksheets enable self-guided exploration. 


The cultural mediators support, encourage and assist people in becoming engaged so they can form their own ideas about the events. The aim of this assistance is to strengthen historical knowledge and participation so children and adolescents are empowered to understand history as a part of and as 

a foundation for their immediate world.

Educational programmes:

•   History detectives:  

     3rd to 6th school level

•   Emperor - Chancellor - Made easy:  

     5th to 8th school level, young adults

•   Grandma’s century in time-lapse:  

     8th school level, young adults